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Managing Dynamic Workloads in the Cloud Data Center

Toshiba and Portworx: Managing Dynamic Workloads in the Cloud Data Center

In a world of dynamic workflows, pressure is high to deliver optimal performance and ensure cost-efficiencies in the cloud data center. Infrastructure professionals are exploring new strategies and technologies to ensure the private cloud can support evolving business needs. With the wider adoption of NVMe™ SSDs and the development of NVMe™ over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™), disaggregated storage offers a promising approach for increasing performance and reducing data center expense.

As the market leader in cloud native storage for containers, Portworx has been at the forefront of improving efficiencies in the multi-cloud world. Together with Toshiba, Portworx has introduced the world’s first Kubernetes storage solution integrated with NVMe-oF by using Toshiba KumoScale™ shared accelerated storage software. The resulting solution helps companies with unpredictable demand environments automate the microservices data lifecycle, improve the efficiencies of scale out, and simplify ongoing management of the private cloud.

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