KUMOSCALE Flash-enabled Agility

KUMOSCALE Flash-enabled Agility

About Toshiba Memory group’s company name change, please see the press release.
KumoScale is shared accelerated storage software that runs on an NVMe-based storage node, and delivers disaggregated, highly flexible network-block storage to NVMe-oF connected compute nodes with DAS-like performance.


Near NVMe-native throughput and low latency



Optimal capacity assigned to every job; no wasted flash


Accessible & Flexible

Any applications can run on any compute node


Shared & Secured

Storage visible to every compute node with granular access permissions



Connects to quickly evolving orchestration, provisioning and telemetry tools



Sophisticated flash management for maximum life

What is NVMe over Fabrics?

NVMe-oF allows compute nodes to access shared NVMe-based flash storage over standard high-speed networks at near-peak performance.


Why NVMe-oF is the Better Choice

Direct-Attached SSDs (DAS)

1st Generation Cloud

  • Uses more nodes to obtain high compute power and storage capacity
  • Extra nodes lead to stranded storage or compute power
  • Less efficient and less cost-effective

NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF)

2nd Generation Cloud

  • Enables optimal allocation of storage capacity and performance to each node
  • Disaggregates and shares fast NVMe storage at DAS-like performance
  • Fewer nodes means easier management and lower costs
With KumoScale software on the storage node, each job gets "just the right amount" of high performance, low-latency storage. 

KumoScale Software Architecture


Toshiba KumoScale Demonstration Video


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